Although coating brick walls with a shade of sunny yellow or crisp white will surely brighten the appearance of your property, however, you may be dismayed to find that it is not easy to paint brickwork with a professional touch, and also, it will sharply increase the amount of maintenance your home’s exterior needs.

Advantages of Unpainted Brick

Surprisingly, unpainted brick is low maintenance. Because of its durability, It doesn’t peel or bubble, even in harsh weather conditions, in fact, its color actually develops an attractive patina as it ages. However, once you put that paintbrush to the surface, you are committing yourself to repainting regularly. Even if you are not fazed by the idea, think of its impact on curb appeal. Many potential buyers will be turned off by the prospect of all that upkeep when you eventually put your home on the market.

Another advantage of leaving your brick exterior just as it is the fact that bricks are made from a kiln-fired mixture of clay and shale, which is naturally porous. This is what allows brick walls to breathe, by expelling moisture when your home goes through heavy rainstorms or wintry freeze-thaw cycles. Unless it is meticulously done with high quality, vapor permeable, masonry paint, painting tends to trap the dampness and cause your bricks to crumble, usually within a short of 5 to 10 years. The deterioration process will be hidden beneath the paint, making it difficult to spot the early stages.

If you still plan on painting your home’s outside brickwork, be aware that you will be making a serious commitment. And if you eventually change your mind after painting, paint removal is very costly and time-consuming and the necessary chemical treatments or sandblasting are likely to damage the brick in the process.

There are other alternatives to painting brick. There are less problematic ways that can be used to liven up the look of your brick home.

Below are some.

  1. Refresh the appearance of your exterior brick by pressure washing to remove dust and grime buildup.
  2. Add attractive and practical exterior fixtures to light up your property.
  3. Plant shrubs and flower beds adjacent to your home to soften the effect of a brick color you really do not care for.
  4. Repoint the mortar. This not only block moisture and critters from getting into your house, it also adds to the appeal.

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